Internationalization and Multilingualism in Web Standards

Larry Masinter

Palo Alto Research Center

November 1996

Purpose of talk

First: What is the Web?

One Network, Everyone on it

Mixed modes of communication

For multiple media

Who makes Web Standards?

Kinds of web standards

Standards for Web Content

MultiPurpose Internet Mail Exchange

Internet Media Types ("MIME types")

MIME Major Types

MIME subtype

MIME Text: Characters

Charset issues

Primary issue

MIME Content-Language

Standards for network protocols

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

HTTP Improvements

Simple content negotiation in HTTP

Transparent negotiation in HTTP

Dimensions of negotiation

Issues for HTTP Internationalization and Multilingualism

Identifiers in the Web

URL Requirements

URN Requirements

URC: Uniform Resource Characteristics

Some unsolved problems

Other protocols in the Web

Summary: Internationalization and Multilingualism in Web Standards